Middle children

November 12, 2012

Middle children don’t have choices like the rest of the outsiders do. They are sandwiched in-between siblings who are born first or last and always seem to have more options.

Sandwiched, squeezed, scrunched. Longing to find which path they fit. Always feeling pressure. Must be hard to stretch out.  Which direction do they go? To the right, left? No those paths are blocked… Must reach over and out, like… “Get out of here!”

This seems to be my daughter’s point of view.  She was born with unmatched  puzzle pieces and cannot turn enough to figure out how to fit in the middle of her older brother and younger sister.  I know God planned her to be part of this family, but how she thinks she lost her fitting along the way I do not understand. Life with three teens is trying us these days…

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